buy eve isk

EVE is really big. 66 regions, over 5000 systems in known space and
over 2500 in wormhole space. So everyone can find place to live or
die. Over 300,000 of active account all play within one server, there
is no shards! Except one in China, but players there actually play the
different game due to a local laws, for example no mentions of drugs
or religions allowed, etc.

Such one-shard played-driven economy makes EVE Online so unique,
complex and hardcore. It could take a years to try all the ways of
ISK-making ingame. You can buy ISK to get all components for a huge
scientific or industry process and make billions of ISK. Or you 
can trade
something for a profit. Or loot your suicide-gank victims.

Or you can build a station and set some taxes for refine. Mission
running, wormhole sleeper hunting and salvaging, mining… it would
take a lot of time just to list them all!

Eve Online is true hardcore. The ISK means so much in proper hands,
but you can easily lost a ship that cost 20-30 billion in a minutes
if you don’t realize what the microbe you really doing in that moment.
Fit some Marauder or faction battleship or T3 cruiser with officer
modules and get a ride-all-alone through any lowsec -> 0.0 space gate
camps and you’ll know what I’m talking about.